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     Autumn 2004

     Time is growing short. Soon it will be time to vote the Bush dynasty out of power. Everyone should exercise their civic duty to drive the most dangerous President in American history out of power. No excuses will suffice. We know that Kerry isn't as satisfactory as Nader, but we have to start somewhere. Kerry will respond to popular demands, but Bush will only give us more of the same. No one I know would like to be around after another 4 years of Bush malfeasance and deception. I hope that everyone will try not to be so radically against the status quo that the interests of the workers remain ignored.

     Summer 2004

     The upcoming election inspired the following short letters to the editor of my local paper:

     Alan Greenspan would love to reduce Medicare and Social Security benefits for seniors. The Republican Party way to do that is by so reducing tax burdens on rich corporations that nothing is left for social programs. It doesn't matter to millionaires if 'poverty for the majority' is the result. Such is the Republican Party agenda: beat up on weak oil-rich nations to get their oil 'cheap', make the USA the most hated country on earth, remove the 'burden' of Geneva Accord protections for military detainees, heighten competition for scarce jobs, take away the time and a half disincentive to overworking the overworked, make it more difficult for people to enjoy health insurance, make Medicare drug benefits too complicated to figure out, let hunger fester, lengthen soup kitchen lines, assault black voting rights, turn what's left of the wilderness over to greedy oil and gas interests, put modern-day Lysenkos in charge of science, etc. If all of that is what the USA really needs, then Bush will be re-elected. The rich will be less secure, though, and will forced to imprison even more of the poor. Bush can't run on his real record, so his stated record will be concocted by the same ilk who prepared the phony Swift Boat ads.

     Mr. Adrian Lonsdale may think that John Kerry is unsuitable to lead the USA to war, but I prefer a president who can appreciate the complexities of the morality of going to war, and I prefer such a president over one who can't jump into a war fast enough to solely benefit the oil companies and V.P. Cheney's Halliburton Company. This country is less safe from the threat of terrorism than it's ever been because of the present administration's reckless plunge into war.

     The same deceptive tactics the right wing used to get us into war in Iraq are now being used to foment war against Iran. Iran's alleged war-making capabilities are being hyped in the press, along with their alleged association with Al Queda, so as to make Iran appear as guilty as Al Queda in perpetrating the 9/11 atrocities. If 'War President' Bush is re-elected, pre-emptive aggression against Iran will be heavily promoted. If a new expensive war isn't what YOU want, be sure to do your civic duty in November.

     Spring 2004

     A rather long discussion with an ex-SLP member was hosted at the WSM Forum recently. I put the pressure on to see what the correspondent was made of, and the results were so disgusting that you will just have to read it to learn the depths to which some people are prepared to go to defend a pack of lies. Of course, I was censored so that the lies would prevail. Check out this 'disonisty' thread.

     Winter 2004

     Before commenting on the political scene, the performances of correspondents over the past few years require criticism. Many tenaciously adhered to obsolete trains of thought, in spite of such thinking having clearly been shown to be inconsistent with more modern realities. Nearly all intend to socialize ownership of the means of production, but for what purpose? What pressing problems would expropriation solve? By itself, would it put more people to work, or provide better health care? Rather, it would merely put property and power in the hands of those who only THINK they could handle things better.

     All refuse to acknowledge that expropriation, for Marx and Engels, was no better than an intermediate step towards the far more important goal of providing greater participation in the economy, which is of REAL importance during a 'jobless recovery'.

     Since 1917, history has demonstrated the rare conditions under which expropriation was feasible: only after overthrowing monarchies in less developed countries, or after liberating colonies. Ignored and suppressed is Marx's theory of 'expropriation as an adjunct to democratic revolution'. Instead, expropriation has become a 'thing in itself', divorced from its historical context. Expropriating property during the era of labor is preposterous. Even Marx acknowledged that 'labor creates private property', so the task of abolishing private property during the era of labor is Sisyphean, to say the least. But, some enthusiasts cannot be deterred.

     Defense mechanisms abound. Quotes from Marx, Engels and Lenin are rallied in support of various ideologies, and it matters not if the quotes can be objectively proven to have been taken out of context. So, a dose of dishonesty is added as well, though subconscious guilt might inspire penance by means of 'honesty in small matters'.

     If the significance of recent history eludes expropriators, a consequence of their head-in-the-sand outlook is their own marginalization, which nevertheless can be quite acceptable, if rewarded with enough support and camaraderie.

     Correspondents proved their folly in sufficient detail over and over again, as the correspondence archive will testify. Enjoy and learn.


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